baby girl names starting with H

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Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Haadiya •Righteousness Guide
Haadiyaa •Righteousness Guide
Haala •Aureole; Lunar Halo; Glory
Haarathi •No Desire
Haarati •God Lamp
Haardika •Heartedly
Haarika •Wreath; Beloved of Indra
Haarshini •Cheerful
Haasa •Smile
Haasika •Laughter

Haasina •Beautiful; Attractive Girl
Haasini •Smiling Girl
Haasita •Happiness
Haasya •Smile
Habiba •Beloved One, Habib’s form
Habibah •Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling; Loved One
Habita •Add Meaning
Habsana •Superb
Hadara •Bedecked in Beauty

Hadiya •Gift; Guide to Righteousness
Hadvitha •Add Meaning
Haeksha •Love and Affection
Hafiza •Protected
Haiba •Charm
Haifa •Slender; Of Beautiful Body; Slim; Well-shaped; Delicate
Hailley •Friend
Haima •Goddess Parvati; Snow
Haimainti •Hemanta Season
Haimavathi •Goddess Lakshmi

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