baby girl names starting with H

Topic : Name for H Girl / H names for girls / baby girl names from H

Hasini •Happy
Hasita •Happy; Full of Laughter
Hasitha •Add Meaning
Hasmita •Always Happy
Hasmitha •Smiling Face
Hasna •Laughing; Beautiful; Pretty
Hasrat •Desire
Hasri •Always Happy
Hassini •Happiness
Hasti •Existence; Happy

Hastini •Elephant
Hasu •Laugh
Hasumati •Happy
Hasvi •Laughter
Hasvitha •Full of Happiness; Being Happy
Haswitha •Happy
Hasya •Laughter
Hat •Love
Hatakamaya •One with Smiling Face
Hatakiya •Add Meaning

Hathavilasini •One who indulges in her own desires
Hathrini •Giving Wealth; Bright Future; Gods Gift; Affection on Parents and Moon Sign
Hatisha •With No Desire
Havana •Pray to God
Havika •Good
Havina •Safety
Havintha •Add Meaning
Havisa •Goddess Laxmi
Havisha •God Lakshmi
Havismati •Add Meaning

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