baby girl names starting with H

Topic : Baby Girl Names Starting with H / Name for H Girl / H names for girls / baby girl names from H

Havu •Snake
Havva •Flower
Haya •Modesty; Decency; Shyness; Shame; Life; Quick; Light
Hayaam •Deliriously in Love
Hayana •Eyes
Hayat •Life
Hayati •My Life; Presence
Hayi •Alive; Living; Existence; Wish; Desire
Hazel •Hazelnut; A Nut-bearing Tree; The Hazel Tree; Nut; Colour of Sun Set; Reddish Brown

Heathuri •Study Godess
Heba •The Gift of God
Hedy •Sweet or Pleasent; Battle Maiden
Heema •Gold
Heena •Mehendi; Henna; Myrtle
Heenal •Add Meaning
Heenita •Grace
Heeposh •Jasmine Flower
Heer •Generous and Understanding
Heera •Diamond

Heeranya •Gold
Heerkani •Small Diamond
Heesha •Hasmukh; Happy
Heet •Well Wisher
Heeva •Beautiful Eye
Heeya •Heart
Hejal •Fruit
Hela •Moonlight
Helan •Torch; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Wicker; Reed; Shoot; Basket; Most Beautiful Woman in the World; A Lady Attending on Imogen; The Bright One; Similar to Helen

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