baby girl names starting with H


Helen •Torch; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Wicker; Reed; Shoot; Basket; Most Beautiful Woman in the World; A Lady Attending on Imogen; The Bright One; Moon; Moon Elope
Helena •Light; Torch
Hem •Mehendi

Hema •Golden
Hemaani •Full of Snow; River
Hemabha •With a Golden Look
HemaBindhu •Laxmi
Hema-bindu •Gold Drop
Hemachandra •Golden Moon
Hemadri •Golden Hills
Hemagini •Gold
Hemagiri •Golden Mountain; Peak
Hemagna •Golden Knowledge

Hemagni •Add Meaning
Hemakalasa •Golden Hills
Hemakamala •Golden Lotus
Hemakanti •Golden Charm; Glitter of Gold
Hemakesha •With Golden Hair
Hemakshi •Golden Eyes
Hemaksi •Golden Eyes
Hemal •Golden
Hemala •Golden Eyes
Hemalata •Golden Creeper

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