baby girl names starting with H


Hemalatha •Golden
Hemali •To Bring Wealth
Hemamaalini •Golden
Hemamala •Golden Garland
Hemamali •Add Meaning
Hemamalini •Adorned with gold
Hemambika •Possesser of Gold Necklace
Hemamrutha •Cold Vision
Hemanga •Golden-bodied
Hemangana •Golden Bodied
Hemangani •Golden Bodied

Hemangi •Golden Body
Hemangini •Girl with Golden Body
Hemangni •Add Meaning
Hemani •Goddess Parvati
Hemaniya •Ice Forest
Hemanta •Winter
Hemantanila •Goddess Parvati
Hemantee •Winter
Hemantha • a Seasons
Hemanthi • beauty

Hemanti •Early Winter; Born in the Hemant Season
Hemanya •Golden Bodied
Hemaprabha •Golden Light
Hemapriya •Early Winter
Hemapushpa •Early Winter
Hemaraja •Lord of Gold
Hemashree •One with Golden Body
Hemashri •One with Golden Body
Hemasita •Golden Flower

Hemasree •Golden
Hemasri •One with Golden Body
Hematara •Add Meaning
Hemavala •Add Meaning
Hemavalli •Golden Creeper
Hemavani •Golden Words
Hemavathi •Name of a Rive

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