baby girl names starting with H

Topic : Baby Girl Names Starting with H / Name for H Girl / H names for girls / baby girl names from H 

Haimavati •Hindu God Lord Shiva’s Wife, Parvati.
Haimi •Golden; Goddess Parvati; Snow
Haindavi •Add Meaning
Haishika •Laugh
Haith •Who Wants Good for Every One
Haituka •Well Wisher
Haiya •Heart
Haiyu •Heart
Hala •Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon; Halo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling; Glorious; Lunar Halo; Glory; Golden; Female Friend; Sweetness;

name for h girl

Haleema •Gentle; Patient; Sympathetic; Mild; Humane
Haleh •Halo
Haley •Innovative or scientific
Halima •Patient; Merciful; Poisonous; Gentle; Mannered; Kind
Hamara •Our
Hameeda •Praiseworthy; Commendable
Hamesha •Ever; Always
Hamidah •Praiseworthy; Praising Allah; Appreciative
Hamideh •Praiseworthy
Haminagni •Add Meaning

Hamray •Belonging to us
Hamreet •Beloved of God
Hamsa •Swan Hamsavahini
Hamsanaari •Swan
Hamsapriya •Swan Like
Hamsavahini •Who Rides a Swan; Sarasvati
Hamsavalli •Add Meaning
Hamsaveni •Swan
Hamshika •Goddess Saraswathi
Hamsi •Swam

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