baby girl names starting with H

Topic : Baby Girl Names Starting with H / Name for H Girl / H names for girls / baby girl names from H 

Hansha •Swan
Hanshika •Swan or Beautiful Lady
Hanshita •Swan
Hanshitha •Swan
Hansika •Swan
Hansini •Swan and Beautiful Lady
Hansra •Sweet
Hansuja •Goddess Lakshmi
Hansvi •God Gift; Swan
Hansy •Gift of God; Beauty

Hanu •Happy and New; Lord Hanuman
Hanusha •Lord Hanuman
Hanushka •Add Meaning
Hanushree •Beautiful
Hanvitha •Bridge of Relations; Godess Durga; Happy; Tilak on Forehead
Hanwitha •Honey
Happy •Cheerful; Joyful
Har •God Like; Goddess Laxmi / Durga
Hara •Princess; Seizer
Haral •After Sunset Timing

baby girl names from h

Haranjan •To Stay in God’s Eyes
Haranoop •The Perfect God
Harapriya •Beloved of Shiva
Harathi •Divine Fire in Puja Ritual
Harbakhs •God’s Gift
Harbax •God Given
Harcharan •One who is at God’s Feet
Harda •Lake
Hardeep •Lamp of God
Hardi •From the Heart

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