baby girl names starting with H

Topic : H girl names unique

Harinaksi •With Eyes Like a Doe
Harinarayn •Imperishable God
Harinee •Experience
Harini •Beautiful Like Deer; Who’s Really Good at Math; Female Deer; Lakshmi; Wife of Lord Vishnu; Deer Like
Harinika •Goddess of Vasu
Harinmani •Green Gem
Harinya •Goddess Santhoshi Mata; Goddess Lakshmi
Harinyai •Goddess Laxmi
Hariprima •Add Meaning

Hariprita •Beloved of Vishnu
Haripriya Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s consort
Hari-Priya •Goddess Laxmi; Liked to Vishnu
Harisha •Happiness; Rain
Harishini •Happiness
Harishri •God
Harismita •One with Eyes Like Deer
Harita •Green
Harith •God
Haritha •Green; Lovely

Harithi •Green
Harithra •Lord Shiva’s Daughter
Hariti •Green
Haritima •Greenery
Harivallabha •Goddess Lakshmi
Hariyali •Hasmukh; Happy
Harjap •One who prays to the Lord
Harjas •God’s praise
Harjeet •Victorious as a result of God’s Grace
Harjeevan •Someone who leads a God-centered life.

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