baby girl names starting with H

Topic : Baby Girl Names Starting with H / Name for H Girl / baby girl names from H / H girl names unique

Harjinder •Loving from Heart
Harjit •Victorious through God’s Grace
Harjot •God’s Light
Harkeerat •One who Sings God’s Praises
Harkinder •Add Meaning
Harkiran •The God’s Light Ray
Harlakhsmi •Fortune’s Deities

Harnisya •Add Meaning

Harlaxmi •Fortune’s Deities
Harleen •From the Hare’s Meadow; Meadow of the Hares; Female Version of Harley; Within the Love of God; Absorbed in God
Harleena •Keeping God in Mind at All Times

Harley •From the Hare’s Meadow; The Long Field; Hare Clearing; Heap of Rocks; Name of a Place
Harmaty •All Agree
Harmeen •Add Meaning
Harmeet •God’s Devotee; Beloved Friend
Harmehar •God’s Grace
Harmit •God’s Friend

Harnarayn •Imperishable God
Harneez •Everyone Gets the Same Treatment
Harnidh •The Treasure of God

Harnoor •A Gift of God

Harpee •Add Meaning
Harper •Pretty; Harp Player; Maker; Harpist; One who Plays the Harp
Harpita •Dedicated
Harpreet •One who Loves God
HarpreetKour •Loving Each
Harrai •God’s Prince

Harnita •Oscillator

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