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Baby Girl Names Start with B Indian | Baby Girl Names with B

Thank you for visiting.We hope this selective baby girl names list help you find the perfect baby girl names for your special little one. So here are are the results of your search Baby Girl Names Start with B Indian | Baby Girl Names with B. You can also see different types of names by visiting our home page.

Here we have given the names of baby girls selectively. We hope you like it. Let’s take a look at the names. Also we give names with their meaning.

 ➡ Barshantika – End of the year
 ➡ Babeta-Pretty, Graceful
 ➡ Bidipta – Night.
 ➡ Bidisha – Knowledge.
 ➡ Bahar- Spring
 ➡ Bhadrale- Graceful female companion.
 ➡ Berdina—Dazzling, Glorious
 ➡ Basistha – Someone Special.
 ➡ Bella—Lovely, Pretty, Graceful.
 ➡ Bindia—Beautyful, Point.
 ➡ Benu—Flute, Reed
 ➡ Bindiya—Drop, adornment, figuration
 ➡ Barsha – Rain.
 ➡ Baisakhi- First month in Bengali calendar ‘
 ➡ Bithi – Bunch of flower.
 ➡ Baijanti- Flower
 ➡ Bandita – Who is Worshiped.
 ➡ Baidehi— Mata Sita , wife of Goddess Ram
 ➡ Baani – Goddess Saraswati.
 ➡ Bhumija – Born from The Earth.
 ➡ Benita—Polite, Humble, Modest
 ➡ Bhavika – Lots of emotional.
 ➡ Banita – Intelligent Women.
 ➡ Bhabani—Goddess Durga
 ➡ Baijanti—Flower bud
 ➡ Bipasha – A River.
 ➡ Binisha—Sparkling, Flash
 ➡ Baanvi – Victory
 ➡ Bethina—God’s Kindness
 ➡ Bratati – Creeper

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