best baby girl names from G

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Thank you for visiting.We hope this selective baby girl names list help you find the perfect baby girl names for your special little one. So here are are the results of your search . You can also see different types of names by visiting our home page.

Here we have given the names of baby girls selectively. We hope you like it. Let’s take a look at the names. Also we give names with their meaning.

Best Baby Girl Names from G | Names for G

Gargi – Wesh Woman.
Guhika – Voice of a bird
gurjari = a raga
Gunjan – Humming
Gaurika – Pretty young girl.
gunjita = humming of bee
gunjan = musical sound
gita = song
gitanjali = a songs offering
goapriya = likes cows
Greeshma – Kind of season
Grishma – Warmth.
Girisha – Goddess Parvati.
Girija – Daughter of Mountain
gitika = a small song
gopa = gautama’s wife
Gitashri – The Bhagvat Gita.
Gungun- buzzing of a bee
girika = Mountain Summit
gunitha = proficient
gitali = song lover
gunjika = humming
gunjana = buzzing of a bee
gulika = ball

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