Best Names for Girls Starting from S

#Topic : baby names girl start with S / s letter girl names

Sandipta •Add Meaning
Sanditya •Add Meaning
Sandya •Sunset Time; Name of a God
Sandyana •Add Meaning
Saneha •Love
Sanemi •Perfect
Sangahina •Devoid of Attachment
Sangama •Water
Sangamithirai •Melody of Evening
Sangamitra •Friendly with Social

Sangari •Cute
Sangavi •Goddess Paarvati
Sangeet •Music
Sangeeta •Musical; Music
Sangeetaa •Rugmangad’s Wife Name
Sangeeth •Musical
Sangeetha •Sweet Music
Sangyaa •Number; Definition
Sanheeta •A Compilation or a Bunch of Vedic Hymns
Sanhitha •Good Company

baby names girl start with s

Sani •Gift
Saniya •Moment; Moment in Time; Radiant; Brilliant; High; Exalted; Harmony
Sanjala •Companion
Sanjali •With Hands Hollowed and Joined in Prayer
Sanjam •Forbearance
Sanjana •Gentle
Sanjanaa •Creator
Sanjanthi •Add Meaning
Sanjaya •Triumphant; Happy
Sanjeeta •Evening


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