Best Names for Girls Starting from S

#Topic Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S 

Sanjeetha •The Beauty of Music
Sanjeev •Very Good
Sanjeevani •Immortality
Sanjeevini •Medicine to Stay Alive
Sanjeevni •Immortality

Sanjel •Blessed by Prayers
Sanjita •Triumphant
Sanjitha •Triumphant; Flute
Sanjiti •Complete Victory
Sanjivani •Immortality
Sanjivini •Immortality
Sanjivni •Immortality
Sanjogita •Attached; Related; Conjoined
Sanjoli •Period of Twilight

Sanju •Sweet
Sanjukta •Wife of King Prithviraj; Union
Sanjuktha •Add Meaning
Sanjula •Beautiful
Sanjushree •Beautiful
Sanjyogita •Add Meaning
Sanjyoti •Light of Sun
Sankalpa •Beautiful
Sankalpana •Oath or Promise
Sankaravadivu •Union
Sankareswari •Combination of Lord Shiva and Parvathi


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