Best Names for Girls Starting from S

Baby Girl Names from S

Sanyukta •Union
Sanyyah •Beautiful; Moment
Sapahi •Soldier
Sapan •Dream
Sapana •Dream

Sapanaa •Dusky
Sapandeep •Perfectly Illuminating Lamp
Saparna •Leafy
Saphala •Successful
Sapna •Dream
Sapriti •With Love
Saptajita •Winning the Seven Elements
Sapura •Flower

Sara •Pure; Lady; Excellent; Form of Sarah; Queen; Abraham’s Wife; Priceless; Inestimable; Solid; Precious; Best; Star; Happy; Beautiful
Sarabai •Dream
Sarabjeet •Winning All
Sarada •Goddess Saraswati
Saradambal •Successful

Saradha •Trust
Saradvani •Goddess Saraswati
Sarah •Princess; Lady; Woman of High Rank; Pure; Happy
Sarahna •Praise; Appreciation
Sarakshi •Good Sight
Sarala •Straight; Honest; Simple; Straight Forward
Saraladevi •Goddess Saraswati


#Topic : Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S / baby names girl start with S / s names for girls

Sarama •Wife of Bibhisan
Saraneswary •Respect
Sarangi •A Spotted Deo; A Ragini
Sarani •Protecting
Saranitha •Add Meaning
Saraniya •Add Meaning
Saranja •Loveable
Saranya •Surrenderer

Saranyadevi •Truth; Simple
Saranyakumari •Simple; Honest
Sarasa •Swan
Sarasabharathi •Surrendered
Sarasangi •Surrendered
Sarasi •Lake
Sarasija •Lotus
Sarasika •Surrendered

Sarasiruha •Goddess Saraswathi
Sarasu •Swan; Inteligent
Sarasvathi •Goddess Sarasvathi; Wife of Brahma
Sarasvati •A Goddess of Learning
Saraswatee •Add Meaning
Saraswathi •Goddess of Knowledge
Saraswathidevi •A Parroy
Saraswati •Goddess of Learning

Saratha •The God Saraswathi Devi
Saravati •A River
Sarawathi •Godesses Name
Sarayu •A Holy River; Goddess Lakshmi; Wind
Sarbani •Goddess Durga
Sarbat •Everywhere
Sardha •Faith; Grace

Sarena •Form of Sarah; Princess
Sarest •Superior
Sarga •Enchantress
Sargam •7 Basic Notes of Music
Sargini •Composed of Parts
Sargun •All the Quality; Enlighten and Speaking Truth
Sarina •Princess; Lady; Form of Sarah; One who Laughs; Serene; Tranquil; Peaceful One; Calm
Sarisha •Charming
Sarit •River; Princess

Sarita •River; Princess; Lady; Durga Devi; Stream
Saritha •Name of a River; River
Sariyah •Column; Name of a Female Companion
Sarjana •Creation
Sarjena •Creative
Sarjita •The One who Creates
Sarju •New Develope


#Topic : Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S / baby names girl start with S / s letter girl names / s names for girls

Sarla •Straight Forward
Sarmishta •Friend of Devayani; Wife of King Kacha
Sarmista •Add Meaning
Sarmistha •A Daughter of Vrsaparvan
Sarna •Protected
Saroj •Lotus
Saroja •Lotus; Born in a Lake

Sarojinee •Straight Forward
Sarojini •Lotus
Sarojinidevi •Lotus
Sarojmala •River
Sarojni •Goddess Parvathi
Saroor •Joy
Sarpreet •Favour or Fortune of God’s Love; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious Secrets of Love
Sarprit •Essence of Love; Favour or Fortune of God’s Love

Sarsija •Lotus
Sarswati •Saini
Sarthaka •Success
Saru •Garland of Lotuses
Saruchi •Wonderful
Sarulatha •Cluster of Lotuses
Sarupa •Beautiful
Sarupani •In the Lotus
Saruprani •Beautiful Woman
Sarva •While; Complete; Perfect-
Sarvachna •Goddess Amman

Sarvada •Always
Sarvagata •Having Pervaded All
Sarvagati •The Goal of All
Sarvagjna •Goddess Durga
Sarvajina •Durga; Who Knows Everything
Sarvajna •All Knowing; Omniscient
Sarvajnya •All Knowing; Omniscient
Sarvamangala •Universally Auspicious; Another Name for Durga

Sarvamata •The Mother of All
Sarvamayi •Consisting in All; Al-containing
Sarvani •The All
Sarvanta •Which is Complete in Itseld
Sarvari •Night
Sarvata •Wholeness; Totality
Sarvatmika •The Self of All
Sarveshwari •The Sovereign Goddess of All
Sarvi •Universal
Sarvika •Universal
Sarwanyai •Goddess Amman
Sarwayai •Goddess Amman
Saryu •River Sharayu

Sashana •Happy; Radiance; Prosperity; Lustrous; Goddess Lakshmi / Durga
Sashi •Moon
Sashini •Moon
Sashmati •Soft Character
Sashmita •Ever Smiling
Sashmitha •Ever Smiling
Sashneetha •Name of Durga
Sashrika •Goddess Durga
Sashti •Goddess Durga
Sashveena •Add Meaning

Sasi •River Sharayu; An Apsara; Moon
Sasidevi •Moon
Sasika •Moon
Sasikala •Moon Light
Sasini •Containing the Moon
Sasireka •Add Meaning
Sasirekha •One who Brings Good Fortune for Everyone
Sasmita •Smiling
Sasruti •Add Meaning
Sastha •Another Name of Ayyapa Swami

Sasthi •Goddess Durga
Saswati •Eternal
Sasya •Grain
Satajyoti •The Moon
Satakirti •Fame
Satakshe •Goddess Durga
Satamrit •True Immortalizing Nectar
Sataroopa •Kind Hearted
Satej •Soft
Satha •Dishonest
Sathguna •Good Nature


#Topic : Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S / baby names girl start with S / s letter girl names /baby girl names from s / s names for girls

Sathika •Hundred
Sathiya •Friend
Sathiyachithra •Always Laughing
Sathiyash •True
Sathvika •Peaceful
Sathya •True
Sathyai •Goddess Amman
Sathyanjali •Add Meaning
Sathyapriya •Truth Loving
Sati •Chaste Woman; Lord Mahadev’s Wife Name
Satinder •True God of Heaven
Satjit •True Victory
Satjot •Light of Truth
Satkiran •A Ray of Truth
Satkirtan •Singing Truth
Satmandir •Temple of Truth
Satmika •Goddess of Rain
Satminder •Temple of the True God of Heaven
Satprabha •Radiant; Brilliant
Satraj •Dominion of Truth
Satroop •God’s Light
Satsimran •Contemplation of Truth
Sattviki •Of True Essence; Pure; Honest
Sattwiki •She who is Endowed with Purity

Satvanti •Full of Truth; Faithful
Satvari •Night
Satvati •Pleasant; Delighted
Satvi •Existence
Satvik •Virtuous
Satvika •Goddess Durga
Satviki •Goddess Durga
Satwika •God of Mather
Satya •Truth

Satyabhama •Beaming with Truth
Satyadevi •Goddess of Truth
Satyajyoti •Having Real Splendor and Beauty
Satyaki •One who is Truthful
Satyana •Truth
Satyaprema •Wife of Shiva
Satyapriya •Goddess Durga
Satyarata •Devoted to Truth


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