Best Names for Girls Starting from S

Sayuri •Flower
Sazia •Angry
Schaely •Fairy Forte
Searria •Add Meaning
Seela •Mountain
Seema •Limit; Boundary; Border; Face; Symbol; Precious Thing; Treasure; Sprout; Wave
Seemanta •Parting Line of Hair
Seemanti •Parting Line

Seemantini •Woman
Seena •A River
Seentahna •Strength; Courage
Seerat •Heart; Inner Beauty; Fame; Internal Nature; Wisdom
Seershika •Add Meaning
Seeta •Lord Ram’s Wife
Seetasree •Goddess Sita
Seetha •Limit; Border
Seethabai •Parting Line of Hair

Seethaiyammal •Inner Beauty
Seethalakshmi •Wife of Lord Sri Ram
Seettal •Cool

Sehajleen •Easily Absorbed in God
Sehat •Health
Sehitha •Friend

Sejal •River Water; Pure Water
Selena •Moon
Selina •Star in the Sky; Moon; Goddess of the Moon; Light; Heaven; Shine; Beautiful
Sellakili •Cute Parrot
Selma •Fair; Protected by God; God’s Helmet; Safe; Will Helmet; God’s Protection; Divinely Protected; Sacrifice; Well Spoken; Helmet of God

Selva •Charming
Selvakumari •The Pricess of Money
Selvam •Proprerty
Selvanayaki •Pure; Depth in Character
Selvanila •Rich Moon
Selvarani •Fair; Charming; Good Looking; Smart


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