Best Names for Girls Starting from S

#Topic : Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S / baby names girl start with S / s names for girls

Selvi •Happy Prosperous Daughter
Semanti •A White Rose
Semantika •Flower
Sembaruthi •Name of a Beautiful Flower; Hibiscus
Senaadhi •Leader of a Battle
Senajita •Vanquishing Armies

Senbagam •Glowing Flower; Name of a Beautiful Flower
Sendalir •Sprout
Sendhen •Sweet as Pure Honey
Sengamalam •Red Lotus Flower
Senorita •Sweet
Sentamarai •Red Lotus Flower
Sentamil •Pure Tamil

Senthamarai •Lotus
Sera •Princess; Burning One; Serpent; Wife of Abraham
Serena •Joy; Quiet
Seri •The Hokan Language of the Seri
Serima •Enjoy
Sesha •Serpent who Symbolises Time; Good Behaviour
Seshaveni •Lord Krishna Dancing on the Snake

Sethu •Bridge; Name of a Mountain in Bhagavatham
Sethuammal •Add Meaning
Sethuramani •Quiet; Calm
Sethurani •Add Meaning
Setu •Sacred Symbol
Seva •Worship
Sevali •Smart
Sevandhi •Chrysanthemum; Name of a Flower

Sevanthi •Beautiful Flower
Sevantika •Add Meaning
Sevara •Sea Fairy
Sevati •White Rose
Sevika •Servant of God
Sevita •Cherished
Sevvanam •Red Sky; Reddish Sky
Seya •Shadow
Sha •Natural; Good; Form of Shakshi

Shaadiya •Singer
Shaakambharee •Worship
Shaakya •Add Meaning
Shaalinee •A Flower
Shaantaa •White Rose
Shaanti •Calmness; Peace
Shaarav •Pure and Innocent
Shaarmila •Preety
Shabab •Beauty
Shabadpreet •The One who Loves the Holy Word
Shabalini •A Mossy
Shabana •Decorated; Belonging to Night; Young Lady
Shabari •A Tribal Devotee of Lord Rama
Shabhayata •Culture

Shabnam •Dew; Morning Dew
Shabnum •Sew

Shabu •Calm; Dewdrop; Snowdrop; Peace; Lovely; Friendly
Shachee •A Holy’s Cow Name
Shachi •Wife of Lord Indra
Shada •Star of God; Pelican


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