Best Names for Girls Starting from S

#Topic : Names for girls starting from S / Girl Names with S / baby names girl start with S / s names for girls / baby girl names from s

Shadi •Bird; Love; Older Sister; Happiness; Singer; Marriage
Shadiya •Singer
Shafu •Beautiful; Intelligent
Shagana •Add Meaning
Shagufta •Blooming; Flourishing; Happy

Shagun •Auspicious Moment
Shahana •Princess; One with Patience; Queen
Shaharika •Add Meaning
Shahavilasa •Dew
Shahbala •Cherished
Shaheda •Whiteness
Shaheen •Royal; Falcon; Tender
Shaheena •Tender; Falconess
Shahin •Royal
Shahira •Renowned; Famous
Shahnas •A Tune
Shahnaz •Pride and Bride of the King; Bride; The King’s Loved or Favourite One
Shahzeela •Beautiful

Shaifali •Sweet Smell
Shail •Mountain
Shaila •Stone; Mountain; Goddess Parvati; Speech; Black Eye of a Flower
Shailabala •Speech
Shailaja •Goddess Parvati
Shailalokhini •Tender
Shailarani •Stone; Mountain
Shailasha •Parvati; One who Lives in the Mountain
Shailashree •Add Meaning
Shailee •Style
Shaileja •Daughter of Mountains
Shailender •King of Mountains



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