Best Names for Girls Starting from S

Names for girls starting from S

Names ➡ Meaning
Salika ➡ Devotee; Traveller
Salina ➡ Moon; Light; Shine; Heaven; Goddess of the Moon; Peaceful; Courteous; Fennel
Salma ➡ Layer; Peaceful; Safe; Whole; To be Safe; Beautiful Woman; Sweetheart
Sama ➡ Weather; Of a Peaceful Nature; Similarity; A Year
Salila ➡ Water
Salini ➡ With a Fixed Abode; Settled
Salmali ➡ Garlanded with the Salmali Trees
Salwa ➡ Quail; Solace; Consolation; Comfort
Salmavati ➡ Peaceful
Saloni ➡ Beautiful
Salonia ➡ Peace
Samaae ➡ Reside; Pervade
Saloshini ➡ Add Meaning
Samaira ➡ Enchanting; Reality
Samaja ➡ Equal
Samajya ➡ Fame; Reputation
Samadvitha ➡ Add Meaning
Samaikya ➡ Equality
Samah ➡ Beautiful Sky; Generosity
Samaah ➡ Generosity
Samadrita ➡ Beloved
Samadu ➡ Daughter
Samakhya ➡ Fame; Celebrity
Samai ➡ Forbearance
Samanvi ➡ One who Poses All Best Qualities
Samantha ➡ Listener; Flower; Told by God; Beautiful Flower; God Heard
Samalika ➡ Chain of Flowers
Samali ➡ Bouquet
Samanaya ➡ General
Samanvitha ➡ Balancing in Everything; Goddess Durga
Samanvita ➡ Goddess Durga


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