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We hope this list of selective baby girl names help you find the perfect baby girl names start with F / Girl Name on F / F Girls Name / F Girl Names Muslim . You can also see different types of names by visiting our home page.

Here we have given the names of baby girls selectively. We hope you like it. Let’s take a look at the names. Also we give names with their meaning.

Baby Girl Names Start with F / Girl Name on F

F Girls Name ➡ F Girl Names Meaning
 ➡ Freya—goddess of love
 ➡ Falita—a menstruous woman
 ➡ Falesha—indian tulip
 ➡ Fareena—happiness
 ➡ Falak— heaven, star, sky, space, orbit
 ➡ Fiya—powerful
 ➡ Fadhela—virtuous, outstanding, superior
 ➡ Friya—wife of methodologists
 ➡ Falan—graceful, pretty, lovely, handsome
 ➡ Farhina—happiness
 ➡ Fawiza—successful
 ➡ Fiza—breeze, nature
 ➡ Faqeeri—saintly
 ➡ Farida—turquoise, unique, love, proud
 ➡ Farahan—cherfully
 ➡ Farha—happiness
 ➡ Fannah—getting destroyed in love, fun
 ➡ Ferika—free
 ➡ Freena—delicate as a bloom, garden stuff
 ➡ Farishta—angel, messenger
 ➡ Firoza—turquoise, pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful
 ➡ Firoja—bloom, garden stuff, pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful, precious stone
 ➡ Faria—a caravan, pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful
 ➡ Felicy—happiness
 ➡ Fazeela—devotionful

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