f girls name
F Girls Name ➡ F Girl Names Meaning
Fagun—holy month in spring
Fenna—scented bloom, garden stuff
Falvi—amiable, pleasing, suave, interesting, cute
Falini—bearing fruit species of plant
Fenny—smart Feral—wild, untameable
Falgu— a Hindu month falgun
Falguni—pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful, grater bloom, garden stuff
Foolwati—delicate as a bloom, garden stuff
Faloni—in charge
Foolan—bloom, garden stuffing

baby girl names start with f

Falgun—a Hindu month in the Hindu calendar
Falgu—pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful
Foram—fragrance, pleasant smell
Falguni—name of a hindu month
Foolwati—full of bloom, garden stuff
Faneshwari—highness, empress, queen of serpents
Falgune—A day of full moon
Fenal—pretty, lovely, handsome, grace fulngel of beauty
Fancy—pleasing, favourite, charming
Fulloo—of the bloom, garden stuffs
Fanendra—pretty, lovely, handsome, graceful
Fuli—to bloom like a bloom, garden stuff
Fullara—wife of kalketu
Forum—stage, platform, fragrance

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