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Popular Baby Names :

Popular baby name may or may not be suitable for your baby. However, probability of its being appropriate for your baby is very low; because popular baby names are not creation of any scientific system. Those are just collection of random names. Discord between your baby’s inborn talents and his name could confuse him/her and ultimately reduce his/her chances of total success. For example, you baby could have born with talents and traits of being a pilot but a popular but misfit baby name could prevent him from being a pilot.

Beautiful Baby Names :

Apparently a beautiful baby name may not be as appropriate for your baby as it sounds. Beautiful baby names usually sound pleasant on ears because of rhythmic flow of letters. Though good sound is very important quality of name but it could be very deceptive for not letting parents look around other qualities of a name. Parents must make sure before choosing a beautiful name for their baby’s inborn talents and capabilities.

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