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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With I / Baby girl I names / I girl names unique / I names for girls / Baby girl names from I. 

Congratulations!  Whether you are a first-time parent or already have children or you have received good news from your close relative, giving birth to new life is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. We hope this extensive baby girl names list will help you find the perfect baby name for your special little one .

Here is your search result of Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With I / Baby girl I names / I girl names unique / I names for girls / Baby girl names from I.

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Baby Girl Names
Ibha Hope, Strong like a elephant Hindu
Iccha wish Hindu
Ichamati Name of a river Hindu
Idha Insight Hindu
Idhaya Heart Hindu
Idhika Another Hindu
Idhitri One Hindu
Idika World, Humankind Hindu
Iditri One who praises, Complimentary Hindu
Idris fiery Lord Hindu
Iha the earth Hindu
Ihina enthusiasm Hindu
Ihita Desire Hindu
Ihitha Desired Hindu
Ijaya Sacrifice Hindu
Iksha Sight Hindu
Ikshana Sight Hindu
Ikshita Perceptible Hindu
Ikshitha Visible Hindu
Ikshu sugarcane Hindu
Ikshula Holy River Hindu
Iksura Fragrant grass Hindu
Ila wife of the sage Manu, the earth, water Hindu
Ilakkiya A classic Hindu
Ilamayil Young Peacock Hindu

best i girl names unique

Best I Girl Names Unique
Ilampirai Young crescent Hindu
Ilanguyil Name Of A Young Bird Hindu
Ilanila The Crescent Moon Hindu
Ilavalagi Young and lovely Hindu
Ilavenil Spring, Youthful Hindu
Ilisha Queen of the Hindu
Imani Trustworthy Hindu
Ina mother Hindu
Inas Capable Hindu
Inayat kindness Hindu
Inbavalli Keeping Others Happy Hindu
Indali Powerful Hindu

Best i names for girls

Best I Names for Girls
Inderjeet One who wins the love of God Hindu
Inderpreet God’s lover Hindu
Inderveer God’s warrior Hindu
Indira Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Indirabala Daughter Of Lord Indra Hindu
Indirjeet One who wins the love of God Hindu
Indirpreet Lover of God Hindu
Indirveer God’s warrior Hindu
Indiya Knowledgeable Hindu
Indra God Of Rain & Thunder Hindu
Indradhwaja  With Shoulders Like Indra’s Flag Hindu
Indraja Jupiter Hindu
Indrakanta Indrani ( Shachi ) Hindu
Indrakshi one with lovely eyes Hindu
Indrani wife of Lord Indra Hindu
Indrasena daughter of King Nala Hindu
Indratha Power and Hindu
Indrayani the name of a sacred river Hindu
Indrina Booming Hindu
Indu moon Hindu
Induja narmada river
Indukala the moon’s phases Hindu
Indukanta wife of moon ( night ) Hindu
Indulal moon’s lustre Hindu
Indulala moonlight Hindu
Indulekha A Luminous Moon Hindu
Induma A moon Hindu
Indumati A full moon Hindu
Indumauli The Crescent Moon Hindu
Indumukhi with moon-like face Hindu
Induprabha moon rays Hindu
Inika Little earth Hindu
A moon Hindu
Inimai Delightfulness Hindu
Iniya Sweet Hindu
Inkurali Sweet voice Hindu
Innila Moon Hindu
Innisai Melody Music Hindu
Inrani Spouse Of Lord Indira Hindu
Insiyah woman Hindu
Inu Attractive Hindu
Ipsa desire Hindu
Ipsita desired Hindu
Ira earth, muse Hindu
Iraja Daughter of Hindu
Iran Iran, The land of Aryans Hindu
Iran-dokht Daughter of Iran, Iranian girl Hindu
Irandokht Daughter of Iran, Iranian girl Hindu
Iravati the river Ravi, Hastily Hindu
Irsia Rainbow Hindu
Isabel Dedicated to God Hindu
Isai Music Hindu
Isha one who protects Hindu
Ishana rich Hindu
Ishani Goddess Parvathi Hindu
Ishanika A part of Hindu
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva Hindu
Ishanya North east Hindu
Ishi Goddess Durga Hindu
Ishika Paint brush Hindu
Ishita Mastery, riches Hindu
Ishq Love Hindu
Ishrat Affection Hindu
Ishtar The Babylonian goddess of love Hindu
Ishvari the best among the divine Hindu
Ishwari goddess Hindu
Ishwarya God’s prosperity Hindu
Ishwin One who praises the lord Hindu
Ishya Spring Hindu
Best girl names starting with iBest girl names starting with I
Isiri Prosperous , Wealth Hindu
Itkila Fragrant Hindu
Ivy a creeper Hindu
Iyalisai Music Hindu
Iyalisai Music Hindu
Iyla Moon light Hindu
Izna Light Hindu
Ibtesam Smiling Arabic
Ibtihaaj Joy Arabic
Ibtihaj Joy Arabic
Iffat Purity, Chastity Arabic
Ikraam Honor, Hospitality, Generosity Arabic
Ikram Honor, Hospitality, Generosity Arabic
Ilanah Tree Arabic
Ilhaam Intuition Arabic
Ilham Intuition Arabic
Imtithal (Polite) Obedience Arabic
Inaam Kindness, generosity, and bestowal Arabic
Inam Kindness, generosity, and bestowal Arabic
Inara Heaven Sent Ray Of Light Arabic
Inas Sociability, well Mannered Arabic
Inaya Concern, Solicitude Arabic
Inci Pearl Arabic
Intisaar Triumph Arabic
Intisar Triumph Arabic
Izdihaar Flourishing, Blossoming Arabic
Izdihar Flourishing, Blooming Arabic
Izzat Honor, Esteem, Glory, Reputation Arabic
Ikam One, United Sikh
Ikhtiar Master Sikh
Ikjot The One Light, GodS Light Sikh
Ikna Some (As In Some People) Sikh
Inderpreet Love For The God Sikh
Indirjeet One Who Wins The Love Of God Sikh
Indirjot GodS Light Sikh
Indirpreet Lover Of God Sikh
Irleen Na Sikh
Ishkirat Na Sikh
Idra Fig Tree Biblical
Ikia God Is My Salvation Biblical
Ilana Great Tree Biblical
Ilyssa Rational Biblical
Ismaela God Listens Biblical
Ivria From The Other Side Of The River Biblical
Ifama All Is Well African
Ilori Special Treasure African
Iman Faith African
Imena Dream African
Iniko Born During Difficult Times African
Isabis Something Beautiful African
Isoke Gift From God African
Izefia Only Child African
Inez Meek Spanish
Inocencia Innocent Spanish
Isi Consecrated To God Spanish
Ida Hardworking German
Ilse Consecrated To God German
Imelda Warrior German
Irma Complete One German
Idalee From Ida And Lee American
Idalia From Idalee American
Idana From Ida & Anna American
Ilandere Moon Woman American
Imala Disciplinarian American
Independence Freedom American
Infinity Endless American
Ireland Homage To Ireland American
Irish From Ireland American
Isanne From Isabel And Anne American
Istas Snow American
Ilaria One Who Is Merry Latin
Imogene Image, Likeness Latin
Isadora Gift Of Isis Latin
Ivory White As Elephant Tusks Latin
Ilisapesi Blessed One Others
Ianthe Violet, Colored Flower Greek
Idola Vision Greek
  baby girl names from i

Best baby girl names from I
Iliana Bright Greek
Ilithya Goddess Of Women In Labor Greek
Iola Dawn Greek
Iona Purple Jewel Greek
Iphigenia Mythological Creature Greek
Iren Peace Greek
Irene Peaceful Greek
Iris Colorful, Rainbow Greek
Isaura Soft Air Greek
Iden Prosperous English
India From India English
Iria Derived From Iris English
Irisa Iris English
Ivi Ivy Plant English
Ivie Derived From Ivy English
Isra Freedom Turkish
Ianna Fem. A Form Of Ian Celtic/Gaelic
Ide Thirst Celtic/Gaelic
Isla Island Celtic/Gaelic
Isleen A Form Of Eileen Celtic/Gaelic
Isabella Consecrated To God Italian
Ita Thirsty Italian
Italia Italy Italian
Ima Presently Japanese
Inari Shrimp Japanese
Ilene Form Of Helen Irish
Iphigenie Mythical Creature French
Isabeau Form Of Isabel, Which Means Consecrated To God French
Isabelle Consecrated To God French
Inoke Devoted Hawaiian
Iokina God Will Develop Hawaiian
Iolana Soar Like An Eagle Hawaiian
Iolani Royal Hawk Hawaiian
Ipo Darling Hawaiian
Iwalani Heavenly Seagull Hawaiian
Idania Hardworking, Prosperous Slavic
Irina Peaceful Slavic
Ivana God Is Gracious Slavic
Inga Derived From Ingrid Scandinavian
Inge Island Scandinavian
Ingrid A Meadow Scandinavian
Ilar Cheerful Welsh
Iorwen Lord, Beautiful Welsh
Isolde Fair One Welsh
Ildiko A Fierce Warrior Hungarian
Ilona Beautiful, Sunshine Hungarian
Isis Supreme Goddess Of The Stars Egyptian


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